• Onions For Lunch3:10
In the Healthy Choices program, Julie & Brownie take their audience on a musical look at being and staying well. In this delightful and entertaining 45 minute program, Julie & Brownie explore the concept of “My Food Plate” (formerly the food pyramid), stressing the importance of eating fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains in song and dialogue. The need for exercise is also included with a “freeze dance, delighting the audience and getting them giggling! The program is designed to bring smiles while gently educating the audience about the value of good health.The duo also takes a look at comparing a bottle of water with a bottle of soda, including a demonstration of how much sugar is actually in a bottle of soda! It’s an eye opener! Song titles include “Onions For Lunch”, The Banana Tree” and “The Mootown Sound” (which turns in to the freeze dance). Other “Healthy Choices” are explored in song, such as acceptance of others with “The Rainbow Family” (performed simultaneously with sign language), respect, and believing in one’s self.